Weight Loss

Offering individualized meal and exercise plans along with
prescription medications in order to achieve and maintain
weight loss long term

Our Weight Loss Program

For the past several years, Dr. Gupta has successfully run a Comprehensive Weight Loss Program using diet and exercise changes along with prescribed medications to not only achieve weight loss in her patients, but weight loss maintenance.

This important distinction allows her patients to lose weight and keep it off long term without having to resort to extreme diet or exercise plans. Her hands-on approach makes it easy for patients to create habits over time and has been met with enthusiasm by all of her patients.

Dr. Gupta uses body composition testing along with frequent laboratory testing to monitor your success in order to ensure that you are not just losing weight, but fat specifically.

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Client Testimonial

Age: 63
Height: 5'5"
Highest Weight: 186 Goal Weight: 130
Current Weight: 126


Starting in my mid 30s, I, who had always had a problem with being underweight, started having trouble with gaining too much weight. It was always manageable however and I was able to get it under control each time though with increasing difficulty as I aged. We moved several times from 2004 to 2019 due to my husband’s job and every move presented me with a setback in my fitness program. We moved back to Houston finally in 2019 and I managed to get almost down to my desired weight. Then, COVID hit and brought with it a really unprecedented weight gain over those difficult times. Then, post COVID, my Mother passed away and for the first time, I was completely unable to get my fitness and weight under control. I knew exactly what I needed to do but was unable to do it. I was bingeing on food in new and frightening ways. It was overwhelming. Several of my doctors started seeing warning signs; very high cholesterol, rising blood sugar, etc. Each one independently recommended trying a semaglutide. My pulmonologist talked about the strain on my system as I have asthma and COPD. My PCP discussed the strain on joints and tissue as well as my rising cholesterol. Even my gynecologist supported it. However, I am always hesitant about new medicines and I resisted. Finally, I listened to the cardiologist I was seeing and gave in. I wish I had listened a year sooner.

How Dr Gupta helped me:

Two of my doctors recommended Dr. Gupta so I finally made an appointment. I found her knowledgeable, sensible and accessible with a very common-sense approach and plan for the future. I started out my Wegovy journey at 186 pounds on a 5’5″ body with a slight skeletal frame. It has taken me a year of diligent work with proper eating habits, and attention to nutrition and exercise but I recently reached my goal of 130 pounds and it feels great. My PCP recently cut my cholesterol meds in half with the intent to halve it again if my numbers look good at my next visit. We recently took a trip to New Zealand and my husband repeatedly remarked at how impressed he was with my stamina, ability and willingness to hike in the woods and handle stairs and trails. This medicine has been a game changer for me. It was a tool that allowed me to extricate myself from an awful physical state that I was trapped in and gave me a leg up so to speak.

Advice to others:

It is not a crutch, it is a tool. You have to be willing to do the work. I’m very grateful that I had access to this tool and for Dr. Gupta’s guidance. The best advice I can give is to follow instructions! Make sure you take in adequate nutrition, hydrate well and exercise. Loss of lean muscle mass can be an issue so it’s important to build lean muscle mass as you lose fat. Both Dr. Gupta and my personal trainer have kept an eye on the changes in my body using the Inbody scans which are invaluable.